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Belly Dance, also known as Middle Eastern Dance, is truly a dance for all women. It is a low impact dance that can be enjoyed by women of all ages, shapes and talents. A dance in which women celebrate their unique images and personalities. Come celebrate you!

Our mission is exploring the music and dance of the Middle East.

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Zaghareet Feature

What is Zaghareet? A Zaghareet is the joyous sound heard at happy events such as homecomings, weddings, and parties. Zaghareet is also the name of this publication, which began as a belly dance trade publication but has evolved into a Middle Eastern arts and culture magazine.

For March/April Aegela is featured in Zaghareet magazine! Click here to learn more about Zaghareet and buy a subscription!

Zaghareet Magazine

An Introduction to Belly Dance

An introduction to Belly Dance – Curious as to what belly dancing is all about? Come, try it out on Monday, June 6th, 2016 from 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm for $10.00.

Like it? Enroll and receive $10.00 off any class fee!
(applies only to those attending the introductory class. Not valid for online registration)

Attire – comfortable exercise clothing, bare feet or socks
No prior dance training required – You can do it!
No pre-registration necessary – Pay at the door

What Our Students are Saying

We have both been greatly influenced by taking your class; it has done wonders for our self-esteem…

Nancy C. – Toledo, OH

YOU made us look good… I always tell my drum students it’s up to them to make the dancer look good; it was amazing to see it happen the other way around. Too cool!

Rune P. – Detroit, MI

I love Aegela! I have taken lessons from her and she has a very special way with people, and is one of the most positive, fascinating women I have ever met! I believe you can heal your way through anything with the dance and Aegela’s unique style of teaching.

Bonnie S. – Toledo, OH

Aegela is not just a dancer. She’s an experience.

Crystal D. – New York, NY

We are lucky to have you as our teacher, and I appreciate your dedication to us.

Kelly F. – Sylvania, OH

“Thank you! You make things easy to understand. I always have a realization about how my body is really supposed to be moving! It’s wonderful.

Char J. – Green Bay, WI

Please use discount code DISC2016 to receive $10 off 2 or more classes.