Aegela Centers for Middle Eastern Dance 10 S. Holland Sylvania Toledo, OH 43615

In consideration of the coronavirus effects, the building in which our studio is housed is closing until March 31; therefore, the Aegela Center is closed. The new series will be delayed. More information will be provided soon. Take care of yourself and of each other. If you have questions please feel free to contact Aegela.


Belly Dance, also known as Middle Eastern Dance, is truly a dance for all women. It is a low impact dance that can be enjoyed by women of all ages, shapes and talents. A dance in which women celebrate their unique images and personalities. Come celebrate you!

Our mission is exploring the music and dance of the Middle East.

Turkish / Egyptian Connection

Explore the history, music and dance of Turkey with Artemis (MD) and of Egypt with Aegela (OH). These two leading artists will show you where the lines were drawn between these cultures and where the lines were blurred.

Aegela on Fox 36 Toledo

Aegela and the Aegela Centers Studio was featured on Toledo Now on Fox 36 News.

Belly Flea Agora 2020

Join us for Belly Flea Agora 2020 April 25th, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm at Providence Lutheran Church in Holland, OH. Belly Flea Agora is presented by Aegela Centers for Middle Eastern Dance & Kelly Hassan One Spirit Dance & Fitness.

Join us for an afternoon of belly dancing fun, performances, socializing, shopping, selling.

Zaghareet Feature

What is Zaghareet? A Zaghareet is the joyous sound heard at happy events such as homecomings, weddings, and parties. Zaghareet is also the name of this publication, which began as a belly dance trade publication but has evolved into a Middle Eastern arts and culture magazine. For March/April Aegela is featured in Zaghareet magazine! Click here to learn more about Zaghareet and buy a subscription!

What Our Students are Saying

We have both been greatly influenced by taking your class; it has done wonders for our self-esteem…

Nancy C. – Toledo, OH

YOU made us look good… I always tell my drum students it’s up to them to make the dancer look good; it was amazing to see it happen the other way around. Too cool!

Rune P. – Detroit, MI

I love Aegela! I have taken lessons from her and she has a very special way with people, and is one of the most positive, fascinating women I have ever met! I believe you can heal your way through anything with the dance and Aegela’s unique style of teaching.

Bonnie S. – Toledo, OH

Aegela is not just a dancer. She’s an experience.

Crystal D. – New York, NY

We are lucky to have you as our teacher, and I appreciate your dedication to us.

Kelly F. – Sylvania, OH

“Thank you! You make things easy to understand. I always have a realization about how my body is really supposed to be moving! It’s wonderful.

Char J. – Green Bay, WI